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Warm congratulations to our company's project being selected as a key new product in Chengdu in 2020
2020-11-19 17:12:48 阅读: 发布人:IOTRouter

In order to support the establishment of an enterprise-based, market-oriented, and in-depth technological innovation system with industry-university-research and research, and to guide various innovation entities to increase R&D investment, enhance innovation and creativity, and enhance the supply of high-quality technological innovation, the Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has formulated "Chengdu Key R&D Project Funding Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "Methods"). The "Measures" supports various innovation entities to carry out research and development of key core technologies, common technologies, and application demonstrations of new technologies and new products through the establishment of project categories such as innovative product research and development projects.

Recently, according to the “Announcement of Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau on Proposed Projects of Key New Products in Chengdu in 2020” issued by Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Chengdu Zongheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed the “IOTRouter based on edge computing”. "Networked Cloud Platform" was included in the "Planned Project of Key New Products in Chengdu in 2020".

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This selection marks a new level of our company’s high-end products and R&D technology innovation, and has positive strategic significance for the company’s development. It will further encourage our company to continue to carry out technological innovation, independent research and development, and promote scientific and technological achievements. Transformation and industrialization have enabled our company to have more independent intellectual property rights, stronger technological development capabilities, and ever-increasing market competitiveness, which will play a positive role in promoting the healthy and rapid development of the Internet of Things industry.