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Sharing massage chair self-service payment solution

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Solution overview

With the development of the Internet, sharing mode develops rapidly with the help of network platform. The popularity of emerging industries such as Shared bikes, Shared private cars, Shared charging treasure and Shared umbrellas indicates that the sharing economy has penetrated in o every aspect of society, and maximizing the efficiency of resource utilization through sharing has become a new business model. Its essence is to integrate offline idle goods or services and let them offer products or services at a lower price.

Internet of Things technology is the basis of sharing, mainly to achieve background management and mobile payment. Zongheng Intelligent Control provides a complete set of networking solutions for the sharing industry, and combined with the existing sharing massage chair project in-depth analysis.

The huge market demand is the fundamental driving force for the rapid development of the massage chair industry. With the continuous increase of people's working pressure, sub-health population presents a rising trend. Today, with the gradual popularization of the concept of health care, the massage chair industry has a large market development space and huge development potential. The development of mobile payment will facilitate the use of massage chairs by fragmented users, instead of being constrained by the traditional coin-operated massage chairs that cannot be used due to lack of change.

Provide massage chair, massage chair company businesses to provide appropriate venues, signing contracts, business daily regulation, the company to provide maintenance, sweep the code used after paying customers, through the background management system can always see the benefits of massage chair, companies and businessmen in proportion to wait for FenRun, reasonable business model make massage chair industry is developing rapidly.

System topology


The application case

Commercial massage chair USES GPRS module connected to the server for the clouds, through the mobile phone mobile payment, notes, COINS coin instead of the traditions of the past, customers can through WeChat or pay treasure to chair the handle bar code to pay, mobile phone upload the payment information to a remote server, cloud server through GPRS module control massage chair in accordance with the relevant expenses paid boot operation.

Plan advantage

Commercial massage chair operators can collect money by binding WeChat public account or alipay account in the background of the system, timely receive the money, and have various functions such as data statistics, summary, equipment management, etc., which can realize unattended, automatic charging low cost operation.

Application scenarios