Campus Energy Information Management

The first is to improve the efficiency of logistics management, such as the use of some big data technology, Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enable the building to achieve a digital transformation, for example, I can know the whole building what is the operation of its equipment, combined with a number of 3D visualisation tools can be clearly known in each space, the current operation of each piece of equipment.Campus Energy Information Management

The second is to extend the life cycle of the equipment, in fact, the campus equipment is a public equipment, how it can operate well, need a comprehensive supervision, through some supervision to promote the intelligent building, management and energy saving two-way development.

The third is to reduce energy loss, through intelligent sensing, as mentioned earlier, I know the operating status of the equipment, for example, I may be in an office, in the evening hours, the lights have gone out, but the air-conditioning is still on, under normal circumstances, this is unreasonable, if the intelligent equipment, lights and air-conditioning will be automatically switched off after the energy consumption can be reduced.

Energy information technology, we made a set of standard solutions, we divided a classroom into four points, measuring the entire classroom electricity, air conditioning management, environmental data collection and water and electricity management, a standardised set of classroom access to complete an Internet of Things transformation, through the wireless gateway connected to the cloud, and then through the PC or small program to carry out a data presentation.

In the operation system can see, the whole area or the whole building of water and electricity use, and we also know what the current operating conditions of the equipment. For example, some of the current temperature environment, and some other data, as well as some of our abnormal alarm information, it will notify you in advance, the current state of equipment operation is not normal, and then there are some energy-saving reminder, a certain area in a certain period of time its equipment is not normal, he will tell you in advance, and will give you some of the energy consumption to reduce the energy consumption of the proposal.Campus Energy Information Management

It mainly has the following advantages.

First, energy statistics from static to dynamic. In the traditional energy statistics process, generally every month may read the water meter, may know that the water meter is abnormal this month, but this abnormality is after the fact, we can not deal with it, we can only say that the back will be avoided. After the management of information technology, water and electricity consumption is real-time monitoring and real-time processing.

Secondly, the efficiency of equipment application management has also been greatly improved. In the past, it was impossible to know whether the equipment was running well or badly, and it might be necessary to wait for the report of repair, but after the transformation of energy informatisation through IOT technology, the probability of such things will become very low. All the equipment is unified through the remote to carry out operation and maintenance management, you can real-time view of the operating status of the equipment, when these states are not normal, you can quickly through the remote management means to deal with.

Third, the building’s energy consumption analysis, we may know the whole school or the whole office building energy consumption is what the overall situation, but you can not be subdivided into all areas, assuming that some of the abnormalities of this month’s water and electricity, but you can not go to deal with it, I only know that the whole area is over the standard, but I can not be specific to what causes the over the standard. After the energy information management, the energy consumption analysis becomes more refined. If the overall energy consumption of the month exceeds the standard, through the data report, we can clearly know which classroom’s water and electricity or the use of abnormalities.

Fourth, to reduce the human cost of logistics and property, before we do some energy loss statistics, may be the logistics staff need to go to the scene to read the water meter, after the transformation of energy information management, electricity data are real-time summary up, without manual intervention, so that the logistics management costs have been greatly reduced.


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Inserite i dettagli del prodotto, come la configurazione dell'interfaccia, l'ambiente, ecc. e altri requisiti specifici per ricevere un preventivo accurato.