Discussion on the future innovative applications of the Internet of Things

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Discussion on the future innovative applications of the Internet of Things

2020-11-19 16:54:52 阅读: 发布人:IOTRouter

The Internet of Everything is the definition of the Internet of Things and the ultimate meaning of the application of the Internet of Things. But at present, the more mature IoT applications are still concentrated on a single IoT solution, and there is still a lack of information sharing between monitoring points and linkage processing between systems. Realizing the true business integration is the evolution trend of future IoT applications.

Taking smart cities as an example, most of the existing solutions have IoT intelligent supervision of urban infrastructure such as manhole covers and street lights. Compared with the traditional manual inspection method, although this kind of scheme has greatly improved the supervision efficiency, when looking for the missing manhole cover, it still uses a single positioning method to search for the manhole cover, which is not accurate and difficult. In fact, there are usually street lights around where the manhole cover appears. At the beginning of the street lamp installation, the municipal department gave each street lamp a unique number, and it is more accurate to use it to mark the position. The above case uses the monitoring point data of the street lamp to locate the manhole cover. Although it seems simple, it interprets the meaning of information sharing and inter-system linkage. The Internet of Things data is no longer a limited use of the data of the same type of goods, but more In-depth integration and comprehensive application of category data.


Take smart buildings as an example. In the indoor fire monitoring and early warning system, the smoke detector will immediately sound an alarm when it detects smoke, and turn on the surrounding sprinklers to extinguish the fire. At the same time, the alarm and incident location information will be reported to the IoT monitoring of the building platform. The aforementioned existing smart building solutions can meet the basic needs of industrial and commercial customers for fire monitoring and early warning. But once the fire is violent and is not under effective control, or even worsens, timely, reasonable and intelligent resource scheduling and departmental linkage become extremely important. First of all, the integrated platform of the fire department should be able to automatically obtain the alarm information from the detector through P-IoT, and display the location of the building, the number of floors, the number of people in the building, whether there are flammable and explosive dangerous goods, and the water cranes around the building. Relevant information such as location and water storage capacity of water cranes. The smart fire Internet of Things system can analyze and judge the fire situation through big data analysis, and give recommendations for the type and number of dispatched firefighting vehicles, the number of firefighters, the location and number of water cranes, etc., and it can be reasonable based on the current traffic situation Plan the best route to the place where the incident occurred. The IoT monitoring point data of smart buildings, the resource management IoT data in smart fire protection, and the road condition data in smart traffic are integrated to form a more perfect integrated IoT solution.

Monitoring the status of each key point and developing related applications on this basis is only the primary application of the Internet of Things. At present, the various subsystems of the Internet of Things are isolated from each other, and the linkage between systems is mainly realized manually, so the timeliness and resource integration are poor. Therefore, on the basis of the established IoT perception networks, only by realizing deep inter-network data sharing and business integration, the killer applications of the Internet of Things will appear gorgeously, leading the entire industry to explode.