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[Good News] Zongheng Zhikong once again won the national high-tech enterprise certification

2020-11-19 17:04:10 阅读: 发布人:纵横智控

Recently, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the "Administrative Measures for the Accreditation of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 32) and the "Guidelines for the Administration of High-tech Enterprise Accreditation" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 195), Sichuan Province ranked first in 2020 The list of approved high-tech enterprises was announced. After being awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" in 2017, Zongheng Intelligent Control will be on the list again in 2020.

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The identification of high-tech enterprises in my country started in the 1990s and has been over 20 years. High-tech enterprises are not only an important strategic layout for the government to adjust industrial structure and improve national competitiveness, but also recognize and support enterprises' R&D and innovation capabilities. According to the "Administrative Measures for the Accreditation of High-tech Enterprises" promulgated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the accreditation of national high-tech enterprises must also meet the assessment conditions of intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the level of organization and management of research and development, and the indicators of business growth. The standards are strict and the certification procedures are rigorous.

Since its establishment, Zongheng Zhikong has been committed to the in-depth research and development of Internet of Things communication products and related application technologies. At the same time, it pays attention to technological innovation. The vane of industry-leading technology.

The passing of the national high-tech enterprise certification is not only the national and all levels of government's recognition of the scientific research capabilities and overall technical level of Zongheng Intelligent Control, but also a spur and incentive for Zongheng Intelligent Control. In the future, ZongZheng Intelligent Control will move forward, focus on increasing investment in scientific research, cultivating talents to build a new technological innovation system, and while giving full play to the advantages of high-tech enterprises and exemplary leadership, it will enhance its core competitiveness and enrich the enterprise. The stamina of innovation and development provides strong technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises.