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[Good news] The independent research and development project of Zongheng Intelligent Control was successfully shortlisted for the 2019 Chengdu technology innovation research and development project to

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According to Chengdu’s implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, in order to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, guide enterprises to continuously increase R&D investment, promote enterprises to become the main body of technological innovation and achievement transformation, and promote the rapid improvement of enterprises’ independent innovation capabilities, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has formulated Promulgated the "Chengdu City Enterprise Innovation and Research Funding Management Measures."

The enterprise innovation R&D referred to in the Measures is divided in o three categories: start-up innovation R&D, key new product R&D and strategic emerging product R&D. The following industries are mainly supported: shale gas, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, information security, aviation and gas turbine, new High-end growth industries such as energy vehicles; strategic emerging industries such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection; emerging leading service industries such as e-commerce, modern logistics, and technological services; others Featured advantageous industries.

According to the regulations of the management method, in the first half of 2019, after the procedures of project solicitation, review, project review and other procedures, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau plans to apply for project funding for 100 technological innovation research and development projects, and the independent research and development projects of Zongheng Zhi control were successfully shortlisted.

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This shortlist is a high recognition of our company's technological innovation and development achievements in the field of Internet of Things communication by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. The government's support will certainly provide a strong guarantee for our company's independent research and development work. In the next step, our company will take this opportunity to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, increase investment in project research and development, continuously improve its own innovation capabilities, and ensure that more technological innovation projects take root. ZHZ will continue to create value for customers, guided by technological innovation, and meeting customer value needs is always our direction of action!