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Alliance director Hu Tao walked in o the alliance secretariat to carry out exchanges and seminars
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In order to further strengthen the communication and contact between the alliance and its members, and improve the service quality of the alliance, the secretariat of the alliance organizes exchange activities by meeting with the alliance directors every week. The activities aim to understand the development situation and demands of the enterprise, and improve the alliance’s role in promoting industry development and proposing policies. Suggestions and other aspects of service capabilities.

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On the morning of June 13, at the invitation of the Alliance Secretariat, Hu Tao, the general manager of Chengdu Zongheng Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., the director of the Alliance, and his party walked in o the Alliance Secretariat to carry out exchanges and seminars. Li Junhua, Secretary-General of the Alliance, and related personnel from the Project Service Department and Member Service Department participated in this symposium.

At the symposium, the Alliance Member Service Department reported on the alliance's work in 2018 and its 2019 work plan. Li Junhua, secretary-general of the alliance, added that the service of the alliance is one core and two circles, and event planning is the core of the alliance. Mr. Hu introduced the company's development history in recent years and the company's current development areas in the Internet of Things. Afterwards, the two parties exchanged opinions on project application, participation in the exhibition, industrial development and other aspects.

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President Hu fully affirmed the work of the Alliance Secretariat. Mr. Hu suggested that the overall atmosphere of the Sichuan Internet of Things industry needs to be improved. The alliance should integrate resources, understand corporate demands, build a communication platform, mobilize corporate enthusiasm, and help companies grow bigger and stronger. Li Junhua, secretary-general of the alliance, said that the alliance should listen more to the voices of its member units. The alliance members should strengthen exchanges and provide more constructive opinions to the alliance. It is hoped that with the support of the alliance members, the alliance will get better and better.

Chengdu Internet of Things Industry Development Alliance: Formally established in April 2010, it is the first batch of Internet of Things industry organizations established in China. The alliance has always adhered to the tenet of "union, application, and development" and centered on the goal of "serving industry and promoting development" to provide professional forum activities, project services, talent services, information services, financing services, intellectual property rights, etc. for IoT-related enterprises. It is the core public service platform that promotes the development of the Internet of Things industry in Chengdu.