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Innovative integration of production and education features, a win-win situation for a better future of IoT
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On December 27, 2018, sponsored by the Sichuan Internet of Things Industry Development Alliance and undertaken by Sichuan Institute of Business and Technology, the "2018 IOT Industry-Education Integration Seminar and IOT Industry-Education Integration Committee Annual Meeting" was held in the academic report of Sichuan Institute of Technology The grand opening of the hall.

The conference attracted more than 50 outstanding Internet of Things companies and representatives from more than 40 colleges and universities in the province, and a total of more than 180 people attended. Hu Zengjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sichuan Institute of Business and Technology, and Li Junhua, Secretary-General of the Alliance, delivered speeches in turn, expressing gratitude to all the companies and universities that supported this conference, and welcoming all the guests.

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The conference focused on smart cities, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, smart hardware and other hot application areas that are currently attracting attention. Through summit forums, industry selections, project roadshows, etc., the Internet of Things technology exchange, achievement docking and promotion were established Application platform to promote the progress of domestic industrial chain construction. The conference also attracted many professional enthusiasts of the Internet of Things and college students to attend the conference. The event was unprecedented. At the same time, experts and scholars conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the integration of production and education of the Internet of Things.

The most important agenda of the conference was to select and commend the "2018 Sichuan Excellent Internet of Things Teachers" and "2018 Outstanding Enterprise Experts" to thank them for their outstanding contributions to the training of Internet of Things talents, and hope for the power of example Can attract more people to pay attention to the cultivation of industrial talents, and really practice talent training. In this selection activity, our general manager, Comrade Hu Tao, won the honor of "2018 Excellent Enterprise Expert".

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This grand event is not only a platform for the integration of production and education, but also a carrier of industry promotion, bringing an all-round and three-dimensional display to the Internet of Things related industries. Participating in this conference provided more ideas for our company's development in the Internet of Things industry.