Uitdagingen in Cloud en Edge Computing Synergie

Cloud computing and edge computing in the friction gradually towards synergistic development, but in the current situation, cloud computing and edge computing synergy still face many challenges.Uitdagingen in Cloud en Edge Computing Synergie

Connection synergy. The network is the cornerstone of system interconnection and data aggregation and transmission. Along with the drastic increase in the number of connected devices, the network operation and maintenance management, flexible expansion and reliability assurance face great challenges. At the same time, industrial sites have long existed a large number of heterogeneous bus connections, a variety of systems of industrial Ethernet coexist, how to be compatible with a variety of connections and to ensure that the connection of real-time reliability is a real problem that must be solved.

Data synergy. Unified data connection and data aggregation is the basis of business intelligence, in the face of the current industrial field of the existence of diverse and heterogeneous technologies and standards, can not be separated from the cross-business, cross-field data integration and interoperability.

Task Collaboration. Task delivery and feedback is an important means of communication to achieve the function of the reference scenario, the cloud facing the massive edge-side equipment and complex application environment, how to accurately and completely deliver the task to the edge side; edge-side equipment through the edge of the computation, how to integrate the effective information into the task for feedback is an important indicator of the test of the cloud-side synergy capabilities.

Management collaboration. The management collaboration of cloud-side collaboration includes two aspects: one is how the cloud can carry out unified and effective management of access to massive and heterogeneous edge-side devices; the other is how to collaborate with the edge-side devices and the cloud’s application development management, lifecycle management, and business management to ensure that the edge-side devices and computing can work together to complete the management of the application scenarios.

Security collaboration. Security across the cloud and edge computing, the need to implement end-to-end protection. The edge side of the network is closer to the Internet of Everything devices, so the breadth and difficulty of access control and threat protection is greatly increased. How to ensure the security and privacy of edge-side devices and generated data access to the cloud, how to defend the cloud against attacks from the edge side, and how to ensure the security of data from the cloud down to the edge side are all key concerns in the security field. In most application scenarios, edge computing and cloud computing belong to different providers, how to take into account and co-ordinate the security and privacy of the edge side and the cloud side, is also a security focus in the cloud edge collaboration.

Multi-party collaboration. Edge computing and cloud computing collaboration application scenarios are becoming more and more complex, for example, in the car networking application, there are multiple sensors and collectors between the collaboration, the collaboration between cars, the car side and the cloud side collaboration and other environments will become more and more complex. How to achieve cloud-side collaboration, edge-side collaboration, multilateral collaboration and other multi-party collaboration solutions in the same application scenario has become an increasingly important consideration; how to unify cloud-side collaboration, edge-side collaboration and multilateral collaboration in different application scenarios is also another important aspect. Meanwhile, at the operator level, how to collaborate between edge cloud and core cloud, edge cloud and edge cloud is also the focus of operators.Uitdagingen in Cloud en Edge Computing Synergie


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