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In today’s increasingly prevalent intelligent manufacturing, the importance of workshop data acquisition as a key link in the entire production process is becoming more and more prominent. As the core equipment of this link, the data acquisition gateway plays an important role as a carrier. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the working principle and application scenarios of workshop data acquisition gateway.Пограничный шлюз в цеху

1. Working Principle of Data Acquisition Gateway

Data acquisition gateway is an important bridge connecting workshop equipment and upper management system. It is responsible for real-time collection of data generated by various sensors, actuators and other equipment, and through high-speed, stable network transmission, the data will be uploaded to the server for further processing and analysis. At the same time, the gateway also needs to have data processing and screening functions to ensure that the transmitted data is accurate and meets the needs of the upper-level applications.

In the hardware design of the gateway, it is necessary to consider the special characteristics of the environment in which the gateway is located, such as electromagnetic interference, temperature fluctuations and other factors. Therefore, the hardware selection should choose components with high stability and anti-interference ability. At the same time, the gateway also needs to have multi-interface capability to adapt to the access of different types of sensors. In addition, in order to ensure real-time data transmission, the gateway should also be equipped with high-speed network interface.

Software design, data acquisition gateway needs to achieve real-time data acquisition, processing, storage and transmission. This requires the software design to have efficient data processing capability and be able to flexibly adjust the frequency and type of data acquisition according to the instructions of the upper management system. In addition, the software also needs to have strong data security to ensure that the collected data is not tampered with or leaked.

In order to meet the needs of the complex and changing environment in the workshop, IOTROUTER data acquisition gateway has the following technical characteristics:

Stability: Able to operate stably in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, electromagnetic interference, etc. to ensure the continuity of data acquisition.

High Speed: With fast data processing capabilities, to ensure that a large amount of data can be transmitted to the upper management system in real time and accurately.

Security: With strong security features to prevent data leakage and illegal access.

Expandability: With the continuous increase and upgrading of workshop equipment, it has good expandability to adapt to the new equipment and new demands that may appear in the future.

2. Application Scenarios of Data Acquisition Gateway in Workshop

In the workshop environment, data acquisition gateway is widely used in production line monitoring, equipment failure warning, energy management and other aspects. Taking production line monitoring as an example, the gateway can collect real-time data on the operating status and output of each device on the production line and display them to the management personnel through the visualisation interface to help them understand the operating status of the production line in real time, and discover and solve potential problems in time.

In addition, in terms of equipment failure early warning, the gateway can analyse equipment operation data, predict the maintenance cycle of the equipment and potential failures, provide early warning information for maintenance personnel in advance, and reduce production losses caused by equipment failure.Как следить за потреблением энергии на заводе в режиме реального времени

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the workshop data collection gateway will develop in a more intelligent and efficient direction. In the future, we can expect the gateway to achieve more advanced data processing and analysis functions, such as equipment failure prediction based on machine learning algorithms and production optimisation based on big data analysis. At the same time, with the popularity of the new generation of communication technology, the data transmission speed and stability of the gateway will also be further improved.

In conclusion, the importance of workshop data acquisition gateway as one of the core equipment in the field of intelligent manufacturing is self-evident. Through continuous technological innovation and application expansion, we believe that the data acquisition gateway will play a more important role in the future of intelligent manufacturing and promote the continuous progress and development of the whole industry.


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