Intelligent Irrigation Management System

Irrigation district management often exists in the lack of information sharing, management less means, decision-making weak support and other shortcomings, the degree of information technology construction can no longer meet the needs of modern management of irrigation districts, there are the following pain points:Intelligent Irrigation Management System

1. Lack of control over the overall situation of water supply and demand in the irrigation area, unable to quantitatively analyse the situation of water consumption, water demand and water requirement; lack of dynamic and intuitive monitoring of key information such as drought level, affected area, soil moisture and so on.

2. The irrigation area has not yet established a complete communication and transmission network, the General Administration and each office can not effectively share information, and the data of each collection point has not been automatically and efficiently converged, and the manual recording mode still exists, with high cost and poor efficiency.

3. The irrigation area lacks a unified management platform, the irrigation area water resource management, flood control, drought mitigation, project operation management and other management methods are backward, inefficient, lack of modern means of support, and can not meet the needs of modernisation of the irrigation area.


Aiming at the problems of few monitoring types, incomplete coverage and backward monitoring means in irrigation area, IOTROUTER provides IOT solution based on industrial intelligent gateway, realizing data collection and acquisition of water condition, industrial condition, moisture condition and water quality, integrating data sharing of national, provincial and municipal meteorological and hydrological departments, realizing monitoring and management of water resources, water conservancy facilities and equipment, agricultural irrigation in irrigation area, meeting the demand of refined, intelligent and remote management, and meeting the requirement of modern construction of irrigation area. intelligent and remote management needs.

System Functions

1. Real-time Monitoring And Intelligent Scheduling: Through the collection of various types of sensors, PLC and other equipment, real-time monitoring of water level, flow, soil moisture and other information, and through data analysis and prediction, to achieve intelligent deployment and optimal use of water resources.

2. Precision Irrigation: Management can set up procedures or remotely adjust irrigation time and water volume according to crop water demand, soil type, meteorological conditions and other factors, so as to realise precision irrigation and reduce the waste of water resources.

3. Emergency Response And Risk Management: Monitoring abnormal data and dealing with them in time can detect and deal with emergencies such as equipment failures and water pollution, improve emergency response capability and reduce risk losses.

4. Multi-departmental Collaboration And Information Sharing: It can realise information interoperability and resource sharing among water conservancy, agriculture, meteorology and other departments to improve work efficiency and management level.

5. Facility Management And Maintenance Optimisation: To achieve the management and administration of pumping stations, gates and other water conservancy facilities and equipment, to establish an efficient workflow for fault operation and maintenance, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of water conservancy facilities.

6. Data Analysis And Decision-making Support: Collect and analyse a large amount of data, including equipment condition data, crop growth data, water resource use data, etc., to provide managers with a scientific basis for decision-making and optimize irrigation systems and water resource management strategies.Intelligent Irrigation Management System


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Introduza os detalhes do produto, como a configuração da interface, o ambiente, etc., e outros requisitos específicos para receber um orçamento exato.